This year HACSM (Highland Area Christian Service Ministry) needs help providing birthday gifts for children as well as small appliances and socks for adults. Adopt-A-Birthday is a year round program, so we will be collecting for it all through the year.

To launch Adopt-A-Birthday, we want to honor the birth of Jesus through this mission instead of the usual Adopt-A-Family. This is where HACSM has told us the need is.

Please consider picking up an extra item when you’re out shopping. Some suggestions for a child would be arts and crafts kits, Nerf products, super hero figurines, children’s toys, and infant toys. Teens may need hair dryers or stylers, personal care kits, etc. HACSM has found that adults are in need of small appliances and socks.

Only new items, please!

We have gotten word that they are really short on gifts for boys 10 and under.

Please contact Susan Tudor with any questions. Email at


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