Fusion Class

Fusion: merging diverse, distinct, separate elements into a unified whole.

The idea behind fusion is to equip seekers with the tools necessary for them to become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ and to become active family members of Highland Hope.

Through this immersion experience, people will discover their unique places within God’s family and our church family. All participants will identify their spiritual gifts and have an opportunity to explore how their natural gifts help ministries flourish when they are fused with the gifts and passions of others.

Fusion is our pathway for becoming a unified and powerful Body of Christ. All who are attending Highland Hope are encouraged to sign-up and experience God through Fusion.

Fusion is a vital part of growing in our faith. By helping each other to connect with God, the congregation, and our shared God Mission through prayer, study, service, and worship, we mature as followers of Christ.

Four classes cover the topics listed below. If you’ve taken Fusion but missed some classes, feel free to join in for just those topics!

We Are Hope-*-Spiritual Gifts-*-Plugged In-*-Giving Back to God-*-Servant Leadership

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