Summer Sunday School

2019 Summer Sunday School is going to be a blast!

This year our theme will be

Pajamas, Breakfast & Jesus
PreK-5th Grade
Bible Lessons Based on Kids’ Favorite Cereals

June 2–Cheerios
The good news of Jesus is for everyone.
June 9–Cocoa Pebbles
Jesus is in the business of transforming lives.
June 16–Rice Krispies
When Jesus changes our lives, we can’t help but make noise by sharing Him with others.
June 23–Lucky Charms
We don’t need luck when we have the love of Jesus
June 30–Trix
When we live in the Spirit,
we will bear the fruit of the Spirit

July 7–Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Sometimes following Jesus means we are willing to give up something
that we would rather keep for ourselves

July 14–Apple Jacks
When we partner with Jesus, there is nothing we can’t do.
July 21–Honey Nut Cheerios
Jesus wants us to spend time with Him
and not just rush around like busy bees.

July 28–Cap’n Crunch
We keep our commitment to Jesus
even when others try to get us sogg.y

August 4–Cocoa Puffs
When we follow Jesus He lightens our burdens.
August 11–Frosted Flakes
Jesus makes life so much sweeter.

What do we need to make that happen?

Pick 1 or 2 Sundays this summer you are available to teach a lesson that’s already prepared for you! Class levels include Pre K-5.  We will be needing teachers and assistants for each class, as well as substitutes!

Classes are set up with a short object lesson and snack followed by a fun activity. All lessons and materials will be prepared for you in advance.

If you’d like to help with preparing materials (lots of cutting), please contact Stacey.

Please prayerfully consider serving on one of these Sundays. Contact Andrea Hosto or Stacey Howard if you would like to volunteer! You may sign up using the form below or while you’re at the church.

Let’s make this summer great at Highland Hope!


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