Summer Sunday School

2019 Summer Sunday School is going to be a blast!

What do we need to make that happen? WE NEED YOU!

Pick 1 or 2 Sundays this summer you are available to teach a lesson that’s already prepared for you! Class levels include Pre K-5. (Those just out of 5th Grade will be helpers.) We will be needing teachers and assistants for each class, as well as substitutes!

Classes are set up with a short object lesson and snack followed by a fun activity. All lessons and materials will be prepared for you in advance.

We still need:

1 Volunteer–July 1 (activity: movie)
1 Volunteer–July 15 (activity: games)
2 Volunteers–Aug. 5 (activity: movie)
2 Volunteers–Aug. 12 (activity: playground).

1 Volunteer–July 15 (activity: games)
1 Volunteer–Aug. 12 (activity: playground)
1 Volunteers–July 1(activity: movie)
2 Volunteers–July 8 (activity: playground).

Please prayerfully consider serving on one of these Sundays. Contact Andrea Hosto or Stacey Howard if you would like to volunteer! You may sign up using the form below or while you’re at the church.

Let’s make this summer great at Highland Hope!


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