Service Times
Sundays- 8:15 & 10:45 a.m.
Sunday School- 9:30 a.m.
12846 Daiber Road
Highland IL 62249

Welcome to Highland Hope Children’s Ministry!

The number one goal of our ministry is to lead each child into a personal relationship with Christ. At each stage of a child’s life, we aim to instill an age-appropriate understanding of the love of Jesus Christ and what it means to follow Him. At Highland Hope, this is done through our nursery program, Sunday school, Kids Church, Upward, Vacation Bible School and other ministry activities.

We’ll do this by creating environments in which children are encouraged to pursue friendship with God and friendship with others, positively affect their friends who do not know Jesus, and understand their spiritual gifts and begin to use them in service to the church and community.

Children’s ministry is such a rewarding calling with profound eternal consequences. There are a variety of ways to serve in this ministry:

Sunday School Teacher or Assistant
Kids Church Leader or Assistant
Assist with Special Music Opportunities
Assist with Special Events
Preparing items for lesson activities (lots of cutting sometimes!)
Assisting in a myriad of other ways to help kids grow in their faith.

We believe that God has uniquely blessed everyone with gifts and talents to serve Him!

Some of these gifts will be obvious; others will be discovered as God’s people step out of their comfort zone to respond to the needs in the church’s ministries.

If you love kids, we are confident that we can find a place of service for you that both matches your skills and your heart for ministry.

Come; join us in being a kingdom-expanding church.

Stacey Howard

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Highland Hope United Methodist Church





Highland Hope’s Children Ministry exists to help children develop their own personal relationship with Christ and be equipped to share about Him with others.



To equip children at Highland Hope to live and show God’s goodness by . . .

Knowing Jesus and His word.

Inviting faith into friendships.

Developing spiritual gifts.

Serving in church and community.

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