Manny Gutierrez

Welcome to Highland Hope Church! I am the Worship Leader and Coordinator aka the guy that reasons over whether or not we should sing the Chorus three times or four. I answer to “Manny” or “E” or “that guy that sings a lot”.
Some quick facts about myself:
I am getting old.
I love laughing.
Married to the most compassionate and beautiful woman since 2014. You may call her Megan, I call her wife.
We have a beautiful puppy named Abbey Road, and she loves to sing.
I am originally from Cincinnati but have had the privilege to travel and tour as a musician and Worship Leader all across the United States and the Caribbean. I was raised in the Apostolic Pentecostal church and have served in various ministerial roles over the course of my years in ministry. I am humbled by God’s immense love and grace, and I feel privileged every time He allows me to lead his people in worship.
If we haven’t met yet, please catch me after service and introduce yourself. I would love to connect and hear your story!
Manny/E/Guy who sings a lot
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