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CJ Winkler

CJ WInkler, a founding member of Highland Hope, has been in many service roles in the history of the church. She joined the staff as the Communications Coordinator in 2014 and has been a blessing to our efforts in keeping our congregation well informed.

Ciara Coleman

Greetings all! I’m Ciara. I have had the pleasure of working with children of all ages for the past 4 years and still do to this day. I’m a firm believer that through Christ anything is possible. How exciting that I get to have fun and teach young minds about Jesus and his love for…

Finance Team

Our Finance Team manages our income and outgo to best provide for the ministries of #HHOPE.   Spread the Word…

Hospitality Team

These folks recruit and manage our greeters, coffee ministry people, ushers, etc. so we all feel welcome. Anyone is welcome to work in hospitality!   Spread the Word…