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2022 Single Sermons

Sermons that are not a part of a larger series, such as those given by a guest Pastor.

Rekindled Hope

A sermon series on the meaning of Hope in Jesus Christ.

01/23/2022 – 02/27/2022

At The Crossroads

A Lenten sermon series examining decisions made at life’s crossroads.


Witnesses of Hope

Learning the meaning of Hope through the lens of those who witnessed Christ’s life, death, and resurrection first-hand.


Life In The Spirit

The Wisdom of the Ages. Learn what the power of the Spirit can mean in your life in the lessons brought to us about the Pentecost.


Summer at the Movies

Films can be so much more than mindless entertainment. In this series, we learn some valuable Biblical lessons from some of the greatest films ever made.


The Best Is Yet To Come

A sermon series examining what the Lord has in store for us!