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Treasurer Job Description

Position Title: Treasurer (Bookkeeper)
Employment Status: Part-time
Salary: Set by Staff Parish Relations Committee
FLSA: Non-exempt
Updated: January 2019
The Treasurer provides accurate and timely accounting of church finances in cooperation with the Directing Pastor and the Finance Committee. The Treasurer demonstrates good stewardship of the resources God has provided in performing duties and responsibilities in a manner to glorify Jesus Christ and further the mission and ministry purposes of Highland Hope United Methodist Church.

General Duties and Responsibilities
As needed
• Using the Church’s accounting software (Quickbooks), keep track of all disbursements, deposits, transfers, invoicing, and liabilities associated with the Chart of Accounts. Prepare and cut checks for signature to pay the authorized bills of the church including payroll.
• Process, track, and acknowledge special or designated donations/memorials in Quickbooks tracking their implementation as funds are disbursed for their intended use by donors.
• Effectively implement procedures outlined by the Finance Committee, Stewardship Team, Directing Pastor, and Staff Parish Relations Committee
• Maintain the Hope Fund account as directed by Hope Fund Team and Directing Pastor/Executive Assistant to the Pastor
• Exhibit strong integrity in the need for confidentiality regarding pledge and contributions
• Perform additional duties as assigned
• Work with the Church’s Financial Secretary to accurately record in Quickbooks the weekly offering deposits. Provide the Financial Secretary any electronic giving records deposited in Church asset accounts for proper donor/giving documentation.
• Supervise cash balances in asset accounts to ensure adequate cash is maintained for Church operations.
• Do payroll and tax deposits
• Attend Staff Meeting
• Prepare and reconcile bank statements
• Post end-of-the month journal entries, print, and file financial reports
• Remit to Conference Treasurer Highland Hope’s Apportionments as funds are on hand and approved.
• Participate in Finance Committee meeting as a non-voting member
• Prepare and submit payroll tax report 941
• Provide updated budget reports quarterly or when requested by team leaders
• Post pledges, order, and prepare contribution envelopes
• Prepare and mail tax and employee statements as required by law
• Submit monthly/quarterly/annual tax information for Federal and State taxes
• Assist with compilation and entry of financial budget with the Church’s software
• Collaborate with Executive Assistant to the Pastor for Reports- Yearly and Charge Conference
Skills and Qualifications
Education: College Degree in accounting or financial management preferred
General Skills: Good organization and time management skills, thorough knowledge of budgeting, accounting and financial management, ability to work with computers, financial software, and office equipment (Windows, MS Word, Excel, QuickBooks, email, fax), excellent people skills, accurate, reliable, punctual
Must be able to lift 50 pounds
Must pass criminal background check and drug-screening test
Work Environment: Performed indoors in a controlled environment. Keep work area clean and organized.
Appropriate dress required for church environment.
Working Relationship
• This position is under the general supervision of the Directing Pastor and Executive Assistant to the Pastor.
• Financial Committee
• Compensation is recommended by the SPRC, and is approved by the Administrative Council
• SPRC evaluation of this position will occur annually
• This position is employed “at will” and not by contract. Employment “at will” means the employee and HHUMC are free to terminate employment at any time without notice or reason
EEOC: The Treasurer is a Fair Labor and Standards Act non-exempt position with no benefits, retirement, or healthcare coverage. The Treasurer will be paid bi-weekly (every two weeks).

Application can be found on the Highland Hope UMC website at HighlandHope.orgMoreEmployment OpportunitiesEmployment Application or CLICK HERE.
Along with the completed application, a one-page resume and two letters of recommendation are required and may be emailed to

or mail to:
Highland Hope United Methodist Church
Attention: Rev. Dr. Beverly L. Wilkes-Null, Directing Pastor
12846 Daiber Road
Highland, IL 62249