12846 Daiber Road
Highland IL 62249

Textile Trailer For Outreach

From now until August 2, our textile trailer is back!  The proceeds go to benefit our Outreach Ministries, which include Vacation Bible School and Upward Basketball & Cheer

It’s time to clean out your closets for a good cause. Clothing, shoes, linens, drapes, books–the list is big! To see the list of acceptable donations, click HERE (

Check out this list to know what items are accepted and the things they won’t take. Trailer is available 24/7. Just pull up and place your items inside.

While we’re all spending a bit more time at home is a good time to look at our things for the ones we don’t need and can pass on to others. The more that is in the trailer when they take it back, the more $$ Remains, Inc. will send to our Outreach Ministries.

1) You have less items to care for.
2) Your items can bless others.
3) You are supporting our Outreach Ministries.
Thank you for taking the time!