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1 Peter 3:15

Highland hope’s 40 days of prayer guide

July 19- Pray for Highland Hope’s Vacation Bible School July 20- Pray for the Lost July 21- Pray for Openness to the Holy Spirit July 22- Pray for the Persecuted Church July 23- Pray for Highland Hope’s Stephen Ministry Program July 24- Pray for Pastor Chuck July 25- Pray for Evangelist Matt Henson July 26-…

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Shared Identity

God has given us family members around the world that we support through our prayers, presence and gifts. Sometimes we cannot go where the need is so we send our prayers, we send our missionaries and we send our money. This is who we are; we are a global expression of God’s family. Our United…

Here’s to a Phenomenal “Mother”

For God So Loved….that God gave us Mothers; all kinds of mothers and even brothers who have “mothered” us.  Today as I prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, a precious memory returned to my heart as I recalled my days of coaching in Hayti, Missouri. I specifically remembered a little boy who was in the third…

Faith and Friends

This week’s sermon, Faith and Friends, is our third sermon from the first chapter of the Gospel of John and serves as a review of Phillip’s story in verses 43-46.  The Bible has many stories about friendship and faith. King David had five friends who helped to shape his life and Jesus had at least…

The Blessings and Constrains of Discipline

For God So Loved… that God gave us the blessing and constrains of discipline. Discipline is rarely considered to be a blessing or gift to be cherished, instead it is usually correlated with constrains. Through my own life, I continue to learn that the blessings that accompany a disciplined life far outweigh the constraints. I…