12846 Daiber Road
Highland IL 62249

Highland Hope UMC to Host Fall Kick-off Revival Services

Highland Hope United Methodist Church announces a special four-night series of revival services to be held Sunday, August 28 through Wednesday, August 31, 2022, featuring Pastor and Evangelist Matt Henson. The services will begin at 6:30 p.m. each night with light refreshments being served before and after the services.

“Reverend Matt Henson is an energetic, dynamic, vision-casting adventurer for Jesus,” said Chuck Kurfman, Directing Pastor at Highland Hope United Methodist Church. “Matt brings a fresh perspective and energy to the church and its ministry.” 

Matt Henson serves as the Executive Director and Lead Evangelist for “Living the Adventure Ministries,” a ministry he founded in 2007. Living the Adventure Ministries is a nonprofit evangelistic and mission ministry “seeking to work for the transformation of the world through the awakening of the Church, evangelistic preaching, and Christian people putting their faith into action through mission experiences around the world.” Matt travels around the nation and around the world as part of this ministry.

Matt also serves as the President of the National Association of United Methodist Evangelists and serves on the United Christian Ashram Board. Matt has served as a Youth for Christ-Campus Life Director, Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor, and Interim Pastor.

In each of the places Reverend Matt Henson has served, the ministries have seen transformation, growth, and a deeper knowledge of Christ. (For more information, please go to the website

Sunday, August 28, the worship will be led by the “Rivers of Life” Clergy band, featuring Pastors Dan Perry, Joe Scheets, Tim Pate, Mark Doane and Annelle Ruemmler. The remaining evenings of the revival, the worship will be led by members of the Highland Hope UMC Praise Team.  Highland Hope United Methodist Church is located at 12846 Daiber Road, Highland, IL 62249. For more information, please call (618) 654-8434 or email or go to the website